Thank You for Your Support!

Dear Community Members,

For the past 98 years, the Ohio Theatre and Event Center has impacted the lives of our residents. From 25 cent films in the 1920s to church plays in the 1970s, to touring bands and cultural festivals in 2018, we have seen an array of folks make this space their own. In the past six years, this committee has worked diligently to keep the Ohio Theatre alive. However, it is with much sadness to announce that we will be pausing operations and programming after July 31, 2019. Moving forward, we look to shift our direction in order to continue our contributions of art and culture to ONE Village.

The Ohio Theatre and Event Center committee’s mission has always been to provide artistic, educational, and cultural programming in Toledo’s Old North End Village. In order to align ourselves with this mission, we will reorganize with the title, “Lagrange St. Arts.” While we are forming a new organization, our goal is still the
same and we are excited to be able to mobilize and expand our service to the community.

We want to thank you for giving us the privilege of working alongside the neighborhood. We look forward to continuing this partnership with all of our residents, volunteers, and partners. To further our initiative please
join us at our community meetings. We will be announcing our first meeting soon and will be keeping you informed. We hope to see you all there in order for our committee to hear your input and better serve this
neighborhood and Toledo as a whole.

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